Why Aqua Doctor Should Be Your Long Island Water Filter Company

Not all Long Island water filter companies have the experience to offer customized solutions. For over 12 years, our expert team has diagnosed and treated water problems in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. As the area continues to grow and change, Aqua Doctor works with both residences and businesses to provide healthy, safe, and clean water.

Every one of our clients has their own unique needs. We work to provide the customized solutions that can help them get the water that they deserve.

Trust the Most Respected Long Island Water Filter Company

At Aqua Doctor, we employ a number of techniques to treat sick water. Our range of water quality products includes:

  • Distillation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Carbon filters
  • Complete home or business water treatment systems

Aqua Doctor has established a solid track record of working with businesses, residences, and even municipal water systems to provide the best possible quality of water.

Avoid Municipal Water Contaminants

Aqua Doctor can help you to screen out or otherwise eliminate common contaminants that can come from city water systems. 

Some contaminants are put there by the water service but affect the taste and quality or otherwise cause concerns. Our water treatments can filter out chlorine, fluoride, and other substances.

Regardless of how often tanks and pipes get cleaned and inspected, they can grow layers of slime. Bacteria and other contaminants can develop colonies inside of pipes and tanks. Government guidelines allow for an “acceptable” amount of contamination from this source.

You, however, don’t have to accept bacteria, algae, chemicals, or other issues. Let us make sure that your water comes through your tap as clean as possible. 

Purify Well Water for Safety and Improved Taste

Well water provides an inexpensive and usually safe source of water from deep under the ground.  While most well water is safe, some can come with contamination from a variety of sources.

If your water has a rotten egg smell, it could indicate the presence of sulfur or methane, which can cause highly unpleasant odors and make water undrinkable.

Your water may look and smell fine, but some well water can have harmful bacteria in it such as e. Coli. 

If you use a well for water, let our experienced team at Aqua Doctor perform tests on water quality. If compromised, we can design an effective and efficient system to ensure its quality going forward.

Building a Customized System

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter water solutions at Aqua Doctor. Every single one of our clients brings a different challenge requiring a different solution. 

Our team brings years of experience to solving our clients’ water issues. We will test your water, examine the current system, and make an individualized plan that will best suit your needs. That also involves working closely with you and communicating progress every step of the way.

We only use the best quality and most reliable materials. In most cases, our technicians will only need to come out once a year to check on your system

Reach Out Today

Contact our experienced and professional team at Aqua Doctor today. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions about what we do and how we do it. We can also explain the different problems that you can face from city or well water.

You can also call, email, or message us to set up an appointment to evaluate your water and design a system for effective treatment.

Let us help you get the best tasting, healthiest, and safest water possible from an Aqua Doctor system. 

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