How Whole House Water Filters in Long Island Work

August 1, 2021

Are you among the Long Island residents who want total confidence in the purity of all the water coming into their home?

Then you should know about whole house water filters in Long Island. Aqua Doctor, the company that’s helped New York residents enjoy clean water for 12 years, is explaining it all in this article.

So keep reading and find out about whole house filters and the impurities they remove.

What are whole house water filters?

It’s a filtration system installed where the main water line connects to your home. As a result, all the water coming through your faucets and appliances is clean and filtered. Because of where they’re installed, these water filtration devices are known as point-of-entry or POE filters.

There are five types of whole house water filters, all of which we install at Aqua Doctor:

1. Water softeners

Water softeners treat the common issue of hard water. That’s when your water supply has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium. Some of the recognizable effects are stiff and faded laundry, limescale in sinks and the shower, and dishes that are difficult to make clean.

2. Ultraviolet purification systems

This type of whole house filter is for getting rid of living organisms in your water supply. That includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The results of having these impurities in your water supply include allergies and medical complications.

It’s always best to get the final word on whether your water supply is causing any medical issues from your doctor. But ultraviolet purification systems are a great and prudent way to stay safe.

The UV light from this type of filter damages the DNA of micro-organisms in the water. That makes them unable to reproduce or cause sickness.

3. Sediment filters

Whole house sediment filters catch solid impurities such as sand, dirt, and rust flakes. These solid sediments can clog pipes, decrease water pressure, and ultimately damage the plumbing system.

It’s best to think of sediment filters as a supplement to other types of whole house filters in Long Island. Without solid impurities, for example, UV filters can eliminate organisms more effectively. And carbon filters, which we touch on next, last longer.

4. Carbon filters

Chlorine is among the chemicals used to treat Long Island’s water supply after extraction from aquifers. Carbon filters remove excess amounts of it. And this leaves your water without a chemical smell or taste.

Carbon filters achieve this because they have many fine pores along their surface. And these capture chlorine in a process known as adsorption.

5. Acid neutralizers

Acid neutralizers remove acidity from your water. You may know that water is acidic when it has a pH balance lower than 7.

And acidic water causes corrosion, leaks, and stains that eventually damage pipes and appliances.

This type of filter contains calcite that dissolves to decrease the water’s acidity and neutralize it.

The rundown of how whole house filters work in Long Island

Here are the facts to take away before you get a whole house filter for your home:

Whole house water filters connect to your home’s main water supply, so all the water that enters your home is filtered and clean.

The five types are

  • Water softeners: which remove dissolved calcium and magnesium
  • Ultraviolet purification systems: which stop micro-organisms from reproducing and spreading disease
  • Sediment filters: which remove solid impurities and increase the effectiveness of other filters
  • Carbon filters: which remove chlorine and its chemical taste and odor
  • Acid neutralizers: which neutralize acidic water to protect pipes and appliances

So… start enjoying cleaner water today!

Now that you know the five types of whole house water filters and how they work, you can have one installed for clean and pure water in your home. Our team at Aqua Doctor would like to install a custom water filter for you, one that’s designed to meet your home’s specific needs.

Contact us now for confidence in your water’s purity.

Clean water from a whole house water filter in Long Island.
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