Top 5 Tips For Choosing An Effective Water Purification System

February 24, 2020

Water purification systems provide better tasting, healthier, and safer water to your home. 

That said, those who need these systems can often feel overwhelmed by the range of choices offered. Though all provide fresh, clean, safe water, they may work differently to achieve the same result.

For this reason, we have produced a handy guide to help you better understand your water needs and choose the right option for water purification. Read on for five tips to help you find the right system.

Consider Your Water Source

First, you will need to examine the origin of the water, i.e. whether it comes from municipal or ground sources. 

In the case of well water, you will need to be very careful indeed. Contaminants such as coliform bacteria, and dissolved solids and gases can hinder well water quality. Your local health department can suggest, or in some cases even conduct, testing of water quality. .

For most Americans, municipal water services provide safe water. This may still contain unwanted chemicals and additives. It can also lack the taste quality desired. 

If you suspect that your local water service is not up to scratch, make sure to check out their annual report filed with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The purification system you select will need to be able to address any issues in your area.

Get Your Water Tested

Different purification systems address different problems with water. To understand the problems in your area is to get the water tested.

Just as in your body, bacteria and other elements can lurk under the surface, and may be difficult to detect without professional help. Call upon an expert or use professional-grade equipment to diagnose the problem.

Examine System Specs

Take a look at the range of purification systems on the market and evaluate their specs so you know which solution is best for you.

Perhaps you found a good system but its capacity is too big for your needs, and you think that you could save a bit of money with a smaller option. Maybe you are purchasing a system for your business, and you are worried that a smaller system won't scale alongside you as you grow. Or it could be that you found the perfect solution but are worried about your budget.

Weigh up the different system specs and find what you need. Remember to reach out to an expert for guidance if you are not sure which option is best for you.

Consider How You Will Maintain the System

Water purification systems need regular maintenance, so this is something to consider when you decide which option to buy. Do you have the skills to carry out this maintenance? Do you have the necessary equipment? If not, it is worth buying your solution from a team who can provide this regular maintenance.

Reach Out to Trusted Professionals

A professional water treatment company can help keep your filters clear and your water safe. We recommend that you connect with a team that can boast a respected reputation in the community, and has a strong track record of achieving the best results.

If you live in Long Island, contact our expert team at Aqua Doctor.

Learn more about how Aqua Doctor’s years of service to the Long Island area can help you get safe, clean, great-tasting water. Call or message today for more information.

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