Should you Drink Water From the Tap on Long Island?

November 2, 2022

Safe drinking water is a basic need for everyone around the world. While in the US many of us are fortunate to live in states and counties with clean, potable tap water, there are also many areas (particularly urban spaces) that tap water can be a bit iffy. Long Island is one such neighborhood where folks may ask “can you drink water from the tap on Long Island?”

At Aqua Doctor Inc. we’re in the business of providing methods to purify water safely and quickly. We implement state-of-the-art tech to purify water and provide our clients with clean, safe drinking water. Whether it be a reverse osmosis drinking water systems or a classic water distiller purification system, there are many ways to purify your water—but before you select a system, you should consider whether you even require one in Long Island.

As water filtration experts, our team at Aqua Doctor is well-equipped to help you decided if you can and should drink tap water in Long Island. Consider our thoughts on the matter below.

Can, and should, you drink tap water in Long Island?

The Long Island community gets its water from a variety of sources, including wells, lakes, and reservoirs. Because of how many different water sources Long Island has, its water quality drastically differs from area to area. In New York City, the average total dissolved solids (TDS) is roughly 50 parts per million. But in many parts of Long Island, the TDS can be anywhere from 100 to 250 parts per million.

So what does all this mean? Essentially you can technically drink Long Island tap water without fear of immediate repercussions, however, while we’ve answered “can you drink water from the tap in Long Island” that still leaves the matter of should you drink Long Island tap water. While you can technically drink Long Island’s tap water it’s really recommended to seek out a reliable water filtration system. An abundance of TDS’ isn’t healthy for daily consumption and implementing a water purification system is never a bad idea.

What kinds of water purification systems are there?

In general, there are a number of water filtration systems out there. At Aqua Doctor, we’re well-versed in many kinds of filtration systems and are prepared to offer Long Island residents the very best in water purification. If you’ve decided it’s time to consider a water filtration system for your Long Island home, consider the following systems our reliable team at Aqua Doctor can offer you:

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems

One of our most popular and effective water treatment systems is our reverse osmosis drinking water system. This system utilizes a process known as osmosis to reduce mineral content of water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane—it’s a really basic but essential way of purifying drinking water. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are highly effective at filtering TDS’.

Water distiller purification systems

Another great water treatment system offered by our team at Aqua Doctor is a water distiller purification system. This process involves heating water to its boiling point so that any impurities are separated from the water itself, which turns into vapor or steam. That steam is then condensed back into pure liquid form and any impurities (like TDS’) in your water are removed. This is another fantastic option for purifying Long Island tap water.

Reach out to the water filtration pros at Aqua Doctor Inc.

If you’re living in Long Island and are looking to purify your tap water, reach out to our dedicated team at Aqua Doctor Inc. to install a system now! We offer a variety of filtration systems to the great Long Island area and would be happy to assist you.

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