Maintenance tips from a Long Island water purification company

September 8, 2021

Keeping your water purification system clean is an important part of making sure it’s functioning properly. In the process of filtering out unwanted substances, pieces of the system can become dirty and contaminated. The longer you wait to take care of maintenance tasks for your system promptly as needed, the longer you’ll fail to get the full benefit of clean water for drinking, bathing, and other important uses.

Aqua Doctor is a Long Island water purification company which sells and installs the kinds of systems discussed in this blog post. We’ll cover maintenance guidelines for three of our main system types and how often each one will need to be cleaned. To read more about related topics like how to get the most out of your water purification system, take a look at the rest of our blog. To read some pros and cons of different water purification systems and find out which one might be right for you, check out the CDC’s page on choosing home water filters.

Reverse osmosis systems

A reverse osmosis water purification system utilizes three filter types: a pre-filter, membrane filter and post-filter. This system removes certain inorganics and organic compounds such as nitrates and sodium, as well as certain toxic substances, bad tastes, smells, and coloring. You can clean these systems by:

  • Draining water from the tank and filtration system
  • Removing the filters from the system
  • Sanitizing the system with a chemical cleaner
  • Applying chemical cleaner to pre-filter housing
  • Washing the membrane with the cleaner
  • Reassembling and restarting the system

These maintenance tasks need to be done at least once each year. Chlorine alone can ruin membrane filters, and if pre-filters aren’t maintained on a regular basis, they can’t effectively protect the membrane. Aqua Doctor offers maintenance on reverse osmosis systems as part of a subscription service, which you can read more about here.

Water distiller systems

Water distillers kill bacteria and remove many of the same substances as a reverse osmosis system, in addition to others like heavy metals and radionucleides. A water distiller utilizes a boiling chamber, which is what’s mainly used as its filtration mechanism. This is what you’ll need to focus on cleaning. You can clean a water distiller by:

  • Turning off the distiller, removing the lid and soaking it in a cleaning solution for a few hours
  • Pouring a cleaning solution into the boiling chamber which covers any limescale deposits
  • Allowing the cleaning solution to remain in the boiling chamber for 12 hours
  • Emptying and rinsing the distiller several times
  • Air drying the distiller before plugging it back in

It’s best to take care of your water distiller’s maintenance needs every 6-12 months as scale deposits build up inside the boiling chamber. A major build-up inside the boiling chamber may prevent the system from heating your water properly, interfering with its ability to effectively filter contaminants out of it.

Whole house carbon filters

Whole house carbon filters purify all of the water used in your home, not just the tap water you get from the sink. Like reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems utilize multiple filtration layers. This system uses a pre-filter, carbon filter, and post-filter, each of which will need to be monitored and replaced over time to maintain it.

For whole house filter systems that utilize a self-backwashing control head, the carbon filter will only need to be changed once per year. If it’s a non-backwashing system, the pre filter will need to be changed every 6 months. Generally, a pre-filter will last from 3-6 months and a post-filter can last up to 1 year. These can be cleaned through similar methods as the filters used in a reverse osmosis system.

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