Is your Long Island water sick? When to get water treatment

January 26, 2021

When there’s a problem with your water, it can really disrupt every aspect of your household tasks, from bathing to washing dishes. Do you suspect something is making your water sick?

It might be time for water treatment - stat - and the team at Aqua Doctor can help. We are a leading provider of water treatment in Long Island. In this article, we’re exploring the top warning signs that your home needs water treatment.

1. Your tap water tastes bad

Foul-tasting water is one of the top signs that your home is in need of water treatment. While municipal systems remove harmful toxins from tap water, this doesn't always ensure the water will actually taste good. Even using a filter pitcher might not solve the issue, either.

This is because the water may have a high mineral content, or it may have been treated with chlorine. In both cases, this can cause the water to have an odd taste. Aqua Doctor offers a variety of water treatment options in Long Island to ensure you have great-tasting water straight from the tap.

2. There’s a foul smell coming from the water

Clean, pure water has little-to-no scent. If you notice a strong smell whenever you run the water, this is a big red flag. Before scheduling a water treatment, take note of what odors you smell.

A chemical smell might mean that your water has high amounts of chlorine, while a metallic smell is indicative of high mineral content. Your water might also smell like rotten eggs, which means there is too much hydrogen sulfide. Knowing exactly what the problem is will help your technician perform the best water treatment for your Long Island home.

3. Your hair and clothes don’t look clean after washing

A common complaint we hear from people before they get water treatment is that their clothes always look and feel dirty, despite repeated washings. The problem isn’t caused by your washing machine or detergent; it’s likely the composition of your water.

Hard water, which contains high amounts of dissolved minerals (especially calcium and magnesium), can leave your clothes looking dull and drab. Water that contains a lot of iron deposits can also discolor your lighter clothes.

Hard water can even create buildup on your hair and skin, making it feel like you can’t get clean. Some homeowners with hard water may develop skin rashes or flare ups of existing skin conditions. Our water treatment in Long Island can easily clear up these common problems caused by hard water.

4. Your sink and shower have stubborn soap scum

A little bit of soap scum is normal, and it’s caused when the fatty ingredients in bar soap react with minerals in your water, making them stick to surfaces like your sink, shower, or tub. But if you have to keep scrubbing and scrubbing, the problem might be your water.

Because of its high mineral content, hard water can prevent cleaning solutions and soap from working. It can also create very stubborn soap scum when it reacts with your soap, making it difficult to remove or rinse away. With purification and treatment, the Aqua Doctor team can remove heavy minerals from your water, leading to sparking clean surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom.

Contact Aqua Doctor for water treatment in Long Island

Aqua Doctor offers a wide range of water purification and water treatment options in the Long Island area, including Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Whether you’re seeking installation of a reverse osmosis system, or you just need a one-time water treatment, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

Is your Long Island water sick? When to get water treatment
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