Is Water Treatment Worth It? What You Need to Know

January 16, 2020

Like it or not, our water isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when we sourced our drinking water from clear rivers and streams. These days, even home water is sometimes suspect. From fridge purifiers to charcoal pitchers, many people purify their home water “just in case”.

But is it necessary? The truth is scarier than you might think.

Drinking Water and You – The Ugly Truth

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about drinking the tap water in our kitchens our bathrooms. But it might be something we do need to be wary of. Generally, U.S. tap water is considered safe if it’s provided by a public water system. These systems operate under health standards to prevent high levels of water contamination.

Yes you heard that right – high levels. Your drinking water isn’t contaminate-free, it just doesn’t pose a serious health risk.

Accidents happen and when they do your tap water may be at risk for contamination from sewage and feces. Consider what might happen if your plumbing goes out or if the sanitation process fails. Your tap water might become home to all kids of bacteria, rust, chemicals and other dangerous microbial organisms in a very short time.

Even though tap water is safer now than it has been in the past, there are many Americans whose water is compromised due to water system violations, rusty pipes, and other unsafe practices.

Three Tips for Safer Water

Now, we’re not saying that drinking unfiltered water will be the end of you, but why take the risk? If you don’t want to consume bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, and other nasty things, here are a few tips.

1. Learn more about your water: Get in touch with your local water source, local health department, or the EPA to find out more about you water. Discover if your water supply is at risk for large quantities of certain metals or other materials. Once you know what you're up against you can decide what further actions you need to take.

2. Keep it cold and clear: Run your water for a minute in the morning to filter out sediment or metals that might have settled in the pipes overnight. And when you do get your drink from the tap make sure its cold water. Warm or hot water is more likely to contained dissolved metals or other contaminants.

3. Invest in a filter: Whether it’s a pitcher filter or a house-wide filtration system, something is better than nothing.

Is it Worth it?

We’ve dedicated twelve years to water purification and treatment because we know it’s worth it. A professional water filtration system will not only heal your sick water, it will also:

  • Save you money
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Give you peace of mind.

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe everyone deserves those benefits.

If your drinking water comes from a well or if your tap water isn’t the greatest, installing a water filtration system in your home is the best way to go. The right filtration system can make all the difference.

About Aqua Doctor

We’ve been in the water filtration business for over twelve years now, making sure that your water is the best it can be. Aqua Doctor offers a variety of makes and models for home water treatment and purification systems. Our products are available for customization to ensure that they fix your problems. We service and install everything from whole house carbon filters to water softeners. And we source only the best products so that your system is cost-effective and low-maintenance.

When it comes to water filtration, we’ve got you covered!

For more information, or to schedule an installation or service, contact us through our website. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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