Five Ways Water Purification Companies Can Help Your Home's Water

February 21, 2023

You're likely aware of the health risks associated with contaminated water. While the consequences of drinking contaminated water can range from mild to severe, there’s good news: residents of Long Island have plenty of options available to help improve the quality of their home's water.

We know that drinking clean, fresh water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Investing in professional water purification services is crucial to ensure a home's water is safe for drinking, bathing, and other activities. Below, you can explore five services water purification companies can provide to ensure your home water supply is healthy and clean.

What Services Do Water Purification Companies Offer?

Water Testing and Analysis

The first step in the water purification process is testing and analyzing the condition of a home's existing water supply. During this process, a team of experts will inspect the quality of both drinking and wastewater to determine what contaminants may be present as well as their levels. With this information, they can make recommendations on how best to improve the purity of the water.

Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Reverse osmosis systems are among the most effective methods of removing unwanted particles from your home's tap water. During installation, a plumbing expert will install an RO system that fits your needs, ensuring that all components are properly connected and functioning correctly. Once installed, these systems can help remove 99% of contaminants while preserving essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Reduction

Total dissolved solids (or TDS) comprise minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate. Each of these solids can impact the taste and smell of your home’s drinking water. A professional purification service can reduce TDS levels in your home’s drinking water through ion exchange or selective filtration. The result is clean drinking water that looks just as pure as it tastes.

Water Softening Services

If you’re experiencing hard-water problems like buildup on taps or ineffective appliance performance, professional purification services might help you improve your water supply. Through a process known as ion exchange softening, water purification companies can reduce limescale issues by removing excess calcium & magnesium ions from hard-water stores. This hard water softening process keeps fixtures looking clean for longer periods, and helps your appliances work efficiently and effectively.

UV Light Sanitization

Ultraviolet light sanitization is an effective way to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present in your home’s drinking or wastewater. UV light sanitation kills bacteria in water without using harsh chemicals like bleach that could potentially cause harm if accidentally ingested. Professional purification services offer UV light sanitizing solutions that allow you peace of mind knowing that all potential contaminants have been eliminated safely and without chemicals.

Choose the Best of All Long Island Water Purification Companies

With the help of professional water purification companies on Long Island, you can rest assured knowing that your home's tap water is safe for consumption. From reverse osmosis systems to total dissolved solids reduction to ultraviolet light sanitization service, there are so many different ways water purification companies can help improve the quality of life inside your own four walls by enhancing the safety and purity level of its tap water supply.

When you’re ready to permanently ensure the safety of your water supply, get in touch with Long Island’s most trusted water purification company, Aqua Doctor Inc. At Aqua Doctor, our experienced professionals have the expertise to create a tailored solution to your specific water issues. Get in touch with us today to discuss the water purification services that will benefit you the most.

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