Suffolk County Water Treatment Systems During Times of Emergency

April 1, 2020

Our current crisis in both the short and long term will have many people rethinking how they obtain their household’s most vital resource - fresh water.

While COVID-19 does not transmit through water systems, certain other contaminants and pathogens do. With the heightened awareness of hygiene and cleanliness, it's natural to consider your approach to water safety in homes and businesses.

Aqua Doctor’s variety of water treatment systems and processes can put an extra layer of security between your home or business and dangerous substances that can come out of public and well water systems.

As one of the most respected Suffolk County water treatment companies, we bring expertise and experience to your water solutions.

Experts on Water Security

For over 12 years, our team at Aqua Doctor has served as the area’s most respected provider of water security solutions.

When water gets sick, Aqua Doctor has the prescription to restore its health. Our team includes experts with nearly two decades of knowledge and direct experience with water filtration. Rest assured that when you need water health, Aqua Doctor should serve as your first call.

Whether you use public or well water, our professionals know how to cure your water of whatever may ail it.

Helping to Make Your Home or Business Water Safer

All too many households spend too much on bottled drinking water when they could obtain pure and safe water, often at a lower price, from Aqua Doctor. We offer a range of services designed to provide elevated taste and enhanced water security for your home or business. These include the following.

Our reverse osmosis water systems force water through a semipermeable membrane. This process removes excess minerals, chlorine, volatile organic materials, and other substances many find undesirable in their water.

Viruses, bacteria, and other biological contaminants cannot stand up to Aqua Doctor’s proven distillation process. Water is boiled until free of microbes and mineral content, ensuring complete security for your home or business’s supply.

Whole house carbon filters ensure that volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, pesticides, petroleum-related substances, and other materials, do not find a way into your personal or company water. Filtration systems clean the water before it enters the structure’s plumbing system, providing complete peace of mind.

Aqua Doctor can also provide a customized and state of the art filtration system designed to meet your specific needs. Call today to set up an appointment so we can discuss how to provide the water you need.

Aqua Doctor Systems Protect Your Most Vital Resource

Your home or business’s water supply serves as your most vital resource. Whether used for drinking, bathing, cooking, or cleaning, you need safe and reliable sources of water. Aqua Doctor ensures that your water meets your standards of taste, cleanliness, and purity through the use of one or more of our products and services.

Our commitment to our customers and clients is to help them to procure the water they need and want.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about how Aqua Doctor’s wide range of products and services can help you to get the water quality that you need and deserve. Our expert and friendly staff can answer questions over the phone, through email, or messaging.

Let us help you to enjoy more peace of mind with a safer water supply. Call Aqua Doctor today.

Water treatment systems are an important part of preparing for an emergency in Suffolk County.
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