Debunking Water Treatment Myths for Suffolk and the Rest of Long Island - From Aqua Doctor

December 13, 2019 at 5:00 AM
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Water serves as the true stuff of life. It forms an essential component of everything that we eat or drink. We cook with it, bathe in it, and cannot clean without some substance containing water. Our bodies are made up of about 60 percent water.

With water so vital to health and well-being, we all need sources that are clean, healthy, and as all-natural as is safely possible. 

For many people, including in Suffolk County and Long Island, water treatment remains a confusing topic. Many are unaware that home and business water treatments can substantially improve the quality of both municipal and well water.

To help, we have included a number of myths and misconceptions concerning water treatments in Suffolk County and Long Island. 

All Municipal Water Is the Same

What most people call “city water” is anything but homogenous. Every jurisdiction that has a public or private water utility will have water that undergoes different processes, originates from different sources, and features different tastes, cleaning qualities, and more.

Various systems also operate with different levels of technology and abilities to wipe out impurities. 

Throughout our region, water quality, taste, and even healthiness varies from place to place. If your water does not meet your standards, check with Aqua Doctor on how best to cure your water’s health issues.

Well Water Is Always Safe to Drink

Most people assume that water from the ground never poses problems of quality or threats to health. 

Unfortunately, this is another widespread myth.

Most well water poses no problems. Water from wells runs through the natural filtration of sand, stone, and dirt, which usually removes impurities and dangerous microorganisms.

In some cases, however, well water can contain dangerous microbes, such as e. Coli. Pipes and other infrastructure can develop growths of microbes that can also cause illness.

Well water can also bring unpleasant substances back to the surface through your pipes. Water containing sulfur or methane can spread an odor of rotten eggs throughout your home or business.

While usually safe, fresh, and tasty, well water can present challenges that Aqua Doctor can help you to overcome.

A Refrigerator Purifier Is Sufficient

Discount store purifiers with disposable filters can enhance water quality by filtering out some impurities, but not all.

Typically, these devices use carbon filters for removing impurities from drinking water. While effective for some contaminants, carbon filtration cannot protect your drinking water from all potential problems.

Furthermore, these filters cannot solve the full range of potential water issues. For example, the rotten egg odor from sulfur or methane will also affect bathrooms and laundry areas.

Water Treatment Is Too Expensive - Even for Drinking

Another powerful myth that leads people away from considering water treatments from trusted companies like ours is cost. Many fear that they cannot afford the cost of various treatments, even if they result in substantially improved water quality,

Most would be shocked at the amount of water simply used for drinking in their homes or businesses. Those with poor water quality will often use bottled water as an alternative. 

We invite you to do an honest analysis of how much bottled water costs in terms of not only money, but also time and effort. You will likely find that the cost of a thorough treatment is comparable, if not less, than your regular water purchases.

Plus you will substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste that you produce.

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