How to Choose the Right Water Filter for a Long Island Home

February 23, 2022

Contaminated water is the most noticeable when you’re drinking straight from the tap. Most homes opt to purchase bottled water, drink from filtered water out of the fridge, or use a water filtration pitcher. But if you have chlorine, iron, sulfur, or other contaminants in your water, it can affect more than water taste. Doing laundry or the dishes, taking showers, and even making coffee or brushing your teeth can be compromised by poor water quality. When you work with a water professional, they test your water to determine the exact pH balance and contaminates. Then, they’ll work with you to find a water filter for your Long Island home that treats your sick water.

How does a water professional choose a water filter?

A water filter is only effective if it works for your water type. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a water professional. They’ll conduct tests to find out exactly what’s going on with your water and what kind of filter you’ll need to get healthy, nourishing water right from the tap.

Other water filters work as bandaids, treating water after it has already spent time in your pipes. A water treatment service like the Aqua Doctor will prolong the life of your pipes and appliances while making your water taste great. Here are some of the water filters we install in Long Island.

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Most common types of water filters

Depending on where your home gets its water and the condition of the pipes, you could be dealing with a wide variety of sick water issues. Treating your entire property’s water with a water filter gives you peace of mind, and maintenance is usually performed during a once-a-year appointment.

Reverse osmosis drinking water

By forcing water through semi-permeable materials, reverse osmosis water treatment reduces water’s minerality. It eliminates common contaminants such as chlorine, sediment build-up, and even VOCs. Water tastes better from the tap, your clothes last longer with healthy water in your appliances, and you save money on bottled water and filter replacements for countertop water pitchers.

Water distiller purification

One of the most thorough water filtration systems is water distiller purification. The filter heats water to the boiling point, separating it from any solids. The water is then collected as steam and condensed back into water, free from contaminants and residue.

Water distillation eliminates bacteria, viruses, both organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, and more. Distilled water is natural, healthy, and purified.

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Whole-house carbon filters

The activated carbon in a whole house filter targets volatile organic compounds such as pesticides, benzene, trichloroethylene, and more. Advanced systems use automatic backwash control heads to keep the filter cleaner and prevent channeling. They also include a bypass system to make changing the filter and service easy.`

Remove contaminants from water as it enters your home to safeguard your pipes, protect your appliances, and get safe, natural water right from the tap.

The Aqua Doctor helps Long Island homeowners to pick the ideal water filter for their home.

The Aqua Doctor has over 16 years of experience treating sick water in New York. We customize our treatment plans to every home and unique water situation. Transform your home’s water to be better for your hair and skin and safe to drink with whole-home water treatment plans. Our services range from working with homeowners to commercial property managers and municipal systems. This diverse work experience affords us unparalleled expertise in water treatment and optimizing water quality for a variety of property types.

If you’re concerned about water quality in your home, book an appointment with Aqua Doctor for a Long Island water filter.

Image of a woman who has a Long Island water filter installed at home.
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