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How Aqua Doctor Restores Your Water's Health
The Doctor Is In! How Aqua Doctor Restores Your Water’s Health
July 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Aqua Doctor Inc.
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For over 12 years, Aqua Doctor has made house calls to treat the health of drinking water throughout the Long Island area. We understand that each business, government office, and residential customer has unique problems and needs. Aqua Doctor strives to offer the best diagnosis, along with the cure--installing one of our top-quality filtration and purification systems.

Why Healthy Water Boosts Healthy Bodies

Your drinking water may come to your house in poor health, overburdened by excessive minerals, a plethora of chemicals, and even bacteria and viruses. Experts from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, as well as the Centers for Disease Control, recommend that adult women consume a little over 90 ounces of water while men should take in over 120. 

While anyone can absorb water from food, or obtain it from beverages, all doctors agree that pure drinking water provides the best way to get the daily recommended allowance of water. Unfortunately, US adults male or female only drink on average a little under 40 ounces per day.

If experts agree that we need to drink more water, and we follow their advice, it naturally follows that we would want to consume the freshest, healthiest, and safest water possible.

This is when you call the doctor.

How Aqua Doctor Brings the Best to You and Your Family

We offer a wide range of solutions designed specifically to meet your specific water needs. 

Well water can provide a great natural source of water, purified in part by soaking through the ground and collecting into underground pools. Water from this source can also bring minerals from the ground that can affect water quality. For those relying on well water, our filtration systems address problems common to wells in the region.  These include:

  • Too much iron, which can cause an unpleasant taste and leave rusty stains
  • Low pH, which can damage water using appliances due to its tendency to degrade copper pipe. It can also leave green stains and an unpleasant taste.
  • Hydrogen sulfide, which can leave an extremely unpleasant “rotten egg” smell and taste
  • Manganese, which can cause black stains and leave an unpleasant taste

Although rarer, some wells produce water carrying dangerous biological contaminants, such as E. coli and other microorganisms that can send you to an actual medical doctor. Let Aqua Doctor help to prevent such an unpleasant trip.

Many of our other customers have city water. While municipal sources constantly filter and check the water for safety, they also include additives that some prefer not to consume. Other customers simply prefer the taste of filtered water to that provided by the city. 

To help city water customers, we offer Whole House water filters. These filters remove the chlorine added to municipal water to reduce the instance of microbial growth. It can also serve as a solid line of defense in case municipal systems break down and allow unwanted minerals or microbes into the system.

We also offer different modes of water purification, including distillation, and reverse osmosis systems available by subscription.

Other Benefits of Using Aqua Doctor 

Aqua Doctor provides the peace of mind that comes with having safe, secure, and good tasting natural water available conveniently from your own house or business source. 

It may have one adverse effect on health, however. You will no longer have the workout benefit of lugging all of those jugs of drinking water home from the grocery or discount store anymore. 

Let Aqua Doctor cure your need for good tasting, healthy, and secure drinking water. 

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