Should you filter your tap water?

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Should You Filter Your Tap Water?
September 4, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Aqua Doctor Inc.
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As attention and concern over municipal tap water systems across the country grows, more households ask this question. Should we stick with regular tap water, or should our home use a purification system?

Water purification systems do bring added cost to your water, but the improved taste and peace of mind can make the cost worthwhile to many.

Why Many Use Unfiltered Tap Water

For many, unfiltered tap water is good enough. Every public water provider has to meet minimum standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, its state counterparts, and, oftentimes, local regulations as well. These standards have continued to grow more strict in this century, meaning that impurities and biohazards have less chance of making it into your water.

Almost every municipal water authority or public service district also incorporates helpful chemicals into the water. Chlorine helps to kill off microbes, keeping the system and the water as clean as possible. Decades ago, most systems also started including fluoride into public water. This has had the additional benefit of reducing childhood tooth decay.

Why People Increasingly Purify Their Tap Water

Many have chosen to add some kind of purification system to their water. These can take the form of filtration, distilling, or by some other method.

An added level of filtration represents an added level of protection. Flint serves as the most infamous example of a handful of water systems that fail to provide healthy and clean water. When you add purification, you can take comfort in the fact that your water is clean and pure, regardless of the source.

Some experts say that household health can actually improve when they add purification systems. Better tasting water leads more people to drink it, as opposed to colas or other drinks. Drinking more water always improves your health.

Government environmental standards do not mean that your water is 100 percent free of problems. Every water system is allowed a tiny percentage of dangerous impurities, such as microbes and harmful chemicals. While these do not threaten health, they can affect water quality and taste. Also, from time to time, these systems can break down. Water purification adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that what flows from your tap is safe to drink and otherwise use.

Taste itself serves as an important measure of water quality satisfaction. Chlorine helps to keep water safe, but also adds a distinctive taste in many public systems. Happily, once the water reaches your tap, the chlorine has served its purpose, and you need not deal with the “swimming pool” like taste that it adds in many systems.

Filtering Adds an Extra Layer of Protection

People choose purification systems for two major reasons. Many trust the water that comes from their local water company or publicly owned utility, but simply want a better-tasting product. Others want peace of mind because they do not trust the water that comes from their tap.

Regardless of why you may choose to purchase a purification system, you should conduct some research into how it can improve your household’s water quality.

If you have any questions about how a purification system can improve your water taste and make it safer to consume, call Aqua Doctor today. We can suggest the best means of purification for both municipal and well water systems.

Our friendly staff has the professional expertise to answer any of your questions. We can also schedule you for a service appointment to test your water and determine which system works best for you.

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