How to Improve Your Water Quality

6 Tips from Aqua Doctor Long Island
6 Tips on How to Improve Your Water Quality
August 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Aqua Doctor Inc.
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An increasing number of people today have growing concerns about water quality. Some fear the chemicals used to treat water in a municipal system. Others have concerns over contaminants that slip through.
Other Long Islanders still use well water, which can expose people and equipment to dangerous metals, bacteria, and other substances. Also, water which sits too long in your own home system, no matter how well treated, can pose quality and purity problems.

So, what can you do to make sure your water is clean and drinkable? Below we have provided 6 tips on how to treat water at home to ensure that it remains as pure as possible.

1. Flush Your Pipes Before Using

Water sits in pipes until you use it. As it stagnates there, sometimes for hours, it can pick up impurities from your pipes.
Flush out your faucet for two minutes if you have not used it for a while. This will get rid of any impurities that the water may have picked up.

2. Use Cold Water Unless You Absolutely Need Hot

Unless specifically required, try to avoid using hot water for cooking and other uses. Hot water dissolves sediments and other impurities in your pipes. It also can carry unwanted substances from your water heater.
Cold water does not create the same reactions as hot. This gives it potentially better quality for consumption.

3. Clean Faucet Aerators Regularly

Aerators serve as the last line of defense between impure water and you. They are located at the mouth of your faucet and screen out impurities. Since grime and other substances can build up in these screens, you should clean them out regularly to ensure that they work to their full potential.

4. Change Water Filter Cartridges

Filtration is easy to forget, but vital to remember. If you use portable filtration units on your faucet or elsewhere, change your filter cartridges as recommended.
Filters can fill with impurities and lose effectiveness. Once they wear out, they will no longer protect your water.

5. Drain Your Hot Water Tank Each Year

Hot water tanks serve as a prime source of impurities that can affect your water quality. Metals, other substances can build up in the bottom and potentially leach out into the water that you use for drinking and cooking. Draining your water heater regularly removes a serious source of contamination from your home or business water system.

6. Invest in Whole House Water Quality Solutions

Hiring a professional service to install whole house water quality systems serves as the best way to make sure that your water has high quality. They ensure that your water not only remains safe, but tastes its best too.

Systems that a company can install for you include:

Filtration systems to screen or block impurities
Reverse osmosis membranes that allow water to pass, but not contaminants
Ultraviolet light disinfecting devices that kill bacteria
Distillation processes that heat water to high enough temperatures to kill bacteria and remove dissolved impurities
Whole house water quality systems cost more than other methods, but they also better ensure the best possible water quality. You'll get the most advanced techniques to keep your water pure, clean, and safe to drink.

Learn More About Cleaner and Safer Water

For more information about the quality of your water, you can reach out to the New York State Department of Health’s Drinking Water Protection Program. Also, the US Environmental Protection Agency provides a drinking water safety hotline at 1 (800) 426-4791.

To learn more about whole house water quality systems, call the healthy water experts at Aqua Doctor. Let us put our experience and passion for perfect tasting potable water at your service.

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