How to choose the best water filter installation on Long Island

June 8, 2023

Water quality is incredibly important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To ensure the purity and safety of the water we consume, it is crucial to have a reliable water filter installation, particularly in areas like Long Island where water sources are prone to contamination. However, with the wide range of options available, choosing the best water filter installation can be overwhelming.

At Aqua Doctor Inc., we specialize in delivering high-quality water filtration systems to residents of Long Island. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best solutions for clean and safe water. Below we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best water filter installation that caters to your specific requirements.

Research your local water supply

Different water sources can contain various contaminants, depending on their origin and the body of water they come from. To ensure clean and safe water, it is crucial to understand the specific contaminants present in your local water supply. Water filtration systems are designed to target specific contaminants and may not be effective against others. Therefore, the best way to determine the most suitable equipment for your household is to do your research prior to making a selection. In Long Island, you can access detailed water reports from reliable sources such as the Long Island Water Conference, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or your water utility company. These resources provide valuable information about contaminants like nitrates, lead, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be present in your water. By gathering this information, you can make an informed decision when choosing a water filter system and contractor that can effectively address your specific concerns.

Consider taste

Not all water filter installations provide the same taste, even though they may produce safe drinking water. If you are looking for fresh-tasting and odorless water, one of the most popular options is a whole house carbon filter system. These filters utilize activated carbon to effectively address harmful compounds and eliminate sediment from your water tank, which can contribute to an unappealing flavor. With a whole house carbon filter system, you can enjoy cleaner and better-tasting water throughout your entire home.