4 benefits of water treatment services for your home

January 29, 2022

The tap water that comes into your home isn’t always as clean as you’d like it to be. You might notice the taste is a little off, or it’s cloudy as you fill a glass for a drink. These are because of various sediments or minor contaminants that make it into the system and eventually to your home. It’s not uncommon to buy a pitcher with a filter that you have to repeatedly fill, install a bulky tap filter, or spend a fortune on bottles of water. You can remedy the problem with water treatment services for your home. If you’re hesitant to get treatment services, our team at Aqua Doctor has four benefits for your home.

Healthier water

The water treatment plant does everything it can to provide your home with safe and healthy drinking water. However, contaminants can find their way into the system before the water reaches your home. While most particles are harmless, others can be more harmful, like viruses, bacteria, pesticides, lead, and more. Your water treatment services will ensure that harmful pathogens are eliminated from your drinking water so your family can enjoy better-tasting water that doesn’t put their health at risk.

Reduce waste and save money

Many people will spend a considerable amount of money each year to clean their water with filters or avoid drinking their tap water. Most filtration systems on pitchers that store in the fridge or install directly to the faucet require the filter to be replaced every two or three months, which has you buying new filters four to six times a year. A filter for your home can last up to six months, making it a much more cost-efficient option.

If you elect to buy bottled water, you’re not only spending money on those bottles, but you’re contributing to waste in your local landfills. Even if you take them to a recycling center, not all centers can recycle plastic water bottles.

Buying a refillable five-gallon plastic water jug for your home might feel like you’re doing the environment a favor because you’re refilling it each time it empties. Unfortunately, you’re not doing your family as much good because the bottles can easily house bacteria or shed plastic fibers. Your water treatment system will effectively eliminate each of these methods to provide your home with water you look forward to drinking.

Cleaner dishes

Water that’s filled with sediment isn’t great for washing dishes. You might notice that your dishes come out of the dishwasher or dry on your dish rack with water spots. Not only do these spots look like your dishes are still dirty, but they can also sometimes leave an odd film on the dishes. Water run through a treatment system has sedimentary particles removed, so your dishes look and feel much cleaner than before.

Clothes last longer

Part of the process of washing your clothes is agitating the material to completely remove dirt and odor-causing bacteria. Water that has a lot of mineral deposits can be incredibly hard on your clothes. Over time, you’ll notice the fibers on your clothes start to wear thin, clothes tear easily, or the water leaves marks on them. This is caused by the minerals rubbing against your clothes. It would be like if you rubbed little bits of sand on your clothes each time you washed them. It won’t cause damage the first time they’re washed, but the friction will certainly add up over time and shorten the life of your clothes.

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4 benefits of water treatment services for your home
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