5 Water Purification Services Offered by Aqua Doctor

October 30, 2023

Every day, your household uses water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and more. But is your water truly as clean and pure as it should be? With all the potential contaminants that can enter water sources and pipes, you can't always trust what flows from your faucets. Using purification systems is crucial for access to safer, healthier water throughout your home.

That's where the experts at Aqua Doctor come in. For years, we've provided customized water purification solutions for residential and commercial settings across the county. We offer a full range of advanced filtration systems and maintenance services to effectively remove impurities and revive the quality of your water. Here are 5 key water purification services provided by the pros at Aqua Doctor:

1. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems

Reverse osmosis uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove up to 99% of contaminants like lead, chlorine, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and more from your water supply. The result is premium tasting water from your tap perfect for drinking and cooking.

Aqua Doctor will professionally install an under-sink or countertop reverse osmosis system customized for your needs. We also provide ongoing maintenance, filter replacements, and support to keep your system performing optimally. Enjoy fresher, healthier water right at home.

2. Water distiller purification systems

Water distillers boil your water and condense the steam to remove nearly 100% of impurities for ultra pure water. The intense purification process leaves beneficial minerals intact while eliminating other contaminants.

Aqua Doctor provides Energy Star certified water distillers that are affordable to operate and maintain. We handle professional installation and provide all scheduled maintenance to maximize performance and reliability. Distilled water ensures safe, clean water for drinking and cooking.

3. Whole house carbon filter systems

For filtering all the water used throughout your home, Aqua Doctor offers technologically advanced carbon filter systems installed on your main water lines. Our systems utilize multiple filtration media like KDF, calcite, and more to remove chlorine, heavy metals, sediment and other impurities from all your household water and appliances.

Our experts will assess your home’s layout for a customized whole house system that delivers cleaner, better-tasting water from every faucet and shower. Monthly maintenance plans are available.

4. Water filtration system installation

Proper installation is key to effective operation of any water filtration system. Aqua Doctor's certified technicians will handle your system installation with expertise, whether under-sink, countertop, whole house, or commercial applications.

We ensure correct placement of filters, optimal water pressure, integration of all components, and provide instructions customized for your system. Proper installation by Aqua Doctor delivers maximum performance and return on investment.

5. Water purification system servicing

Aqua Doctor offers complete maintenance contracts for installed systems. Our team will perform all scheduled cartridge replacements, system sanitization, component cleaning, pre-filter changes, and full-system optimization.

Get in touch with Aqua Doctor for all your water purification and filtration needs!

Our team at Aqua Doctor offers complete water purification solutions, from system selection and professional installation to ongoing maintenance and part replacements. With Aqua Doctor, you gain access to fresher, cleaner water with total peace of mind. Don't settle for subpar quality and taste from your home and office water supply.

Contact Aqua Doctor today for a consultation with our water quality specialists. We'll assess your needs, water supply, and usage to design a customized purification system for your home or business. Enjoy premium drinking water, protect appliances from scale buildup, and have confidence in the purity of the water your family uses every day. Invest in professional-grade water filtration from Aqua Doctor.

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