Top 5 signs you might need a home water treatment

June 24, 2020

Having access to clean water is a necessity for every household. But, due to aging plumbing systems and contaminated water sources, your home’s water may not be as safe as you’d hope.

If you’re thinking it’s time for a home water treatment, the expert team at Aqua Doctor in Holbrook, Long Island, is sharing the top 5 signs to watch out for:

1. Water has a bad odor

A foul smell is one of the first signs that something is off with your water. Does your water have a rotten egg smell? If so, it may have high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. It’s common for this smell to only be noticeable when running the hot water, because heat forces the gas to be released into the air.

While it’s not necessarily dangerous to have elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide gas, it can leave behind stains and build up.

2. Water has an odd taste

Foul-tasting water is another key sign that you need a home water treatment or a new filtration system. If you notice a metallic or salty taste, this may indicate the presence of mercury, lead, or iron that has seeped into your water supply.

High levels of hydrogen sulfide gas can also create a rotten egg taste. If your water has taken on a more earthy taste, this could mean that dissolved solids have found their way into your water supply, even after filtration.

3. Water is murky or cloudy

The water flowing from your home tap should be clear. If your water starts to look cloudy, murky, or somewhat tinted with color, then it may be contaminated. For instance, water that has been contaminated with iron deposits may start to look orange or brown.

Sometimes, cloudy tap water is simply caused by tiny air bubbles. However, it can also indicate high levels of sediments in your water. This is commonly caused by runoff reaching your water supply, or by recent drilling and construction.

While sediment itself typically isn’t harmful, high levels may lead to bacteria growth in your water. It’s best to consult with a water treatment service to rule out any potential safety issues.

4. Your sinks and fixtures are stained

When water has high levels of contaminants, such as iron, this may cause staining on your sinks and fixtures. Look out for orange or brown stains on sinks and toilet bowls. You might also notice stains on your clothes after using the washing machine. This is a clear sign that your water has too much iron. High iron levels can also corrode your pipes and fixtures.

If your water’s pH level is out of balance, this can also lead to blue or green staining in your sinks. Acidic water may also cause tiny pinhole leaks to appear in your pipes.

5. Your water has a gritty texture

Does it feel like there is sand or silt in your water? If so, you may have a problem with elevated sediment levels. As mentioned above, sediment alone usually isn’t dangerous. But, high levels of sediment may indicate that surface water is somehow making its way into your water supply. If the soil surrounding your home has contaminants, this can pose potential health risks for you and your family.

Besides being potentially dangerous, sandy or gritty water is simply unpleasant to drink. A whole-house water filtration system can easily remedy this.

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Aqua Doctor in Holbrook, Long Island, shares the top 5 signs you might need home water treatment
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