3 Easy Ways To Maintain Quality Drinking Water

August 3, 2020

Proper water filtration installation and regular maintenance are vital to the long term health of your home’s drinking water. Taking a few easy steps to preserve the health of your home’s water and filtration system will make the difference between clean drinking water and dirty. Below we discuss some essential ways to keep your drinking water clean and purified on a regular basis.

Establish a regular cleaning schedule.

The inside of your water filter system can accumulate an unhealthy cocktail of minerals and various contaminants that will negatively impact the quality of your home’s drinking water. Luckily, the solution is simple. By regularly cleaning out your filter using warm water, you can significantly increase the quality and safety of your water. It is paramount that you avoid using any cleaning products that contain harmful toxins and can potentially pollute your drinking water. Try to make it a priority to conduct these routine cleanings at least once a week.

Monitor your water filter.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your drinking water is clean by just looking at it in a glass. Water filters should serve to efficiently remove detrimental contaminants like heavy metals from the water. You may want to consider purchasing a cheap water test kit that will give you an accurate indication of your water quality. You may also consider hiring professional water testers at a state certified laboratory in your area to get an expert’s opinion and look things over for you.

Be aware of the need for a replacement.

Water filtration systems do not last forever. Using an old water filter that has gone through the time period for recommended use can impact your water quality. You can start to notice a faulty or deteriorating system by actively observing the water quality alone. It is important that after installation of the filtration system that you continue to keep track of the age of your system so you can prevent a problem before it happens. This will also prevent any health related issues that you or a family member might experience due to negligence alone. As mentioned before, conducting routine cleanings and checking in on the effectiveness of your system will ensure that your home’s drinking water is in the best condition possible. This will greatly improve the quality, safety, and taste of your home’s drinking water.

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